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Begini Penampakan Situs telkomsel.com Saat Kena Bajak

Indonesian netizens are rejoicing in droves after the official website of the country’s largest telecomunication, Telkomsel, was hacked and defaced this morning.
The hacker seems to really have it in for the state-owned company’s relatively pricey and ridiculously structured mobile plans. Earlier today, the company’s homepage was defaced to look like this (much profanity ahead):
penampakan situs telkomsel.com saat dibajak
Make internet quota cheaper, you jerks!
Dear kampret (literally, bat, but this is an offensive slur in Indonesian),
As an operator, don’t be too expensive. Shits!
How can Indonesia be progressive if internet is expensive. Pigs!
It’s already difficult to buy food, let alone buy internet quota. Monkeys!
Make internet quota cheaper, monkeys! Don’t split up plans to 2G/3G/4G. Dumbasses!
I don’t need HOOQ, VIU, those music and video streaming bundles from you. Dogs!

Google search for Telkomsel also shows the above message in the website’s meta description, while the website’s name itself was changed to TELKOMNYET (a portmanteau of Telkomsel and monyet, which translates to monkey).

As of 10:30am, Telkomsel’s website has gone down for maintenance, but the Google search result for the page remains unfixed.
Indonesian netizens, many of them seemingly holding their own grudges against Telkomsel for various reasons, were unsurprisingly happy about the hack.

It’s not yet known who defaced Telkomsel’s website, but whoever did it used the logo for Anonymous, a loosely associated international network of hackers.
No official investigation into the hack has been announced.